Fresh Hope – 6th January 2021

What is the presence of God? The ‘presence’ of someone is when they exist in a space/place. God is actually omnipresent, meaning that He is present everywhere all at once! (Psalm 139:7-12).

We as Christians also ‘carry the presence of God’ (Romans 8:9) – God no longer exists behind a thick, curtain in a Temple. At the cross, that curtain was torn, and Jesus left us with the Holy Spirit within us, so we walk with the presence of God (even if we don’t always feel it). Yep! The God who created the universe, and raised Jesus from the dead, LIVES IN US!

Furthermore, there are times when we can experience the tangible presence of God.

The most common Hebrew term for ‘presence’ is ‘panim’, which is also translated to ‘face’, implying a close and personal encounter with God.

We can and should have a close and personal encounter with the presence and person of God on a daily basis.

The Holy Spirit (presence of God) is described in the Bible as being a person. Just as a person can walk into a room and change an atmosphere, carries an energy, and manifests something of their personality – so does the Holy Spirit. The Bible says that Holy Spirit has emotion too. The Holy Spirit feels! If we are going to be people who host the Holy Spirit in our lives, we have to be people who honour the feelings of Him and create a space for His presence.

Just as you would prepare a guest room for a special person coming to stay, or set up a beautiful setting at the table on Christmas Day for a loved one, we also have to create the space and place for the manifest presence of God in our lives.

What kind of environment and space do you have for the presence of God in your life? Do you honour the presence of God in your life by making room, and creating an atmosphere that His personality loves? If our lives are full of hurry, foul language, perverted songs, TV and media, anything and everything not lovely, we aren’t creating the space or lifestyle for the tangible presence of God. Purity isn’t popular to talk about. Holiness isn’t ‘cool’, but if we want to be people who bring other people into an encounter with the goodness of our God, our lives should host an atmosphere that He loves! This is not a ‘must do’ religious challenge. This is a GET TO privilege. Our lives get to host THE person of God!

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.