Fresh Hope – 9th January 2021

In Exodus chapter 4, we read that Moses was concerned about the future – (see verses 1 & 2). He was concerned about how he was going to be able to lead the people? What if they wouldn’t follow him?
Was he good enough? Was he clever enough? Was he bright enough? Was he a good enough leader? Did he have what it took?
God said “What’s in your hand Moses?” In other words, what have I already given you, what have you already got?

Too often, we worry about what’s to come and we concern ourselves with that.
God doesn’t want us to be worried about that, or in fact anything. He is our Father, He has it covered. But here is the thought: What do you have right now?

You see, a farmer may be concerned about his harvest. Is it going to be big this year?
Is it going to be enough for him and his family to survive?
The answer is in his hand.
How much seed he sows now.

Don’t worry about your bills or your future or your blessings to come.
The answer is what you do with what’s in your hand now.
The little bit you have will multiply when you sow it.

What gifting has God given you?
It’s important that you use what He has given you right now. This will lead to your gifting being multiplied and blessed.

God wants to shift your anxiety away from the future and get you to see what you have access to right now.

That’s what God did with Moses – averted his focus off the anxiety of what the future may hold and told him to look at what was in his hand at that moment.
Moses had a simple staff, but he used it for mighty miracles.

Thank God for what you have right now. It may seem small and insignificant, but when you sow what little seed you have today, that’s what will determine your future harvest.

Pastor Gillian

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