Fresh Hope – 25th January 2021

I have recently been inspired again by the life and story of Joseph.

Betrayed by his brothers, falsely accused at times, sent to the pit, yet ended up in governance in a palace with incredible influence. There is so much to take from his story (which can be read from Genesis 37-50).

Joseph had the favour of God on him! Over and over God promoted Joseph. Things weren’t always perfect, but the hand of God was on ultimately on his life. The Bible even says that because Joseph was in the house, everything else was blessed!

God loves us totally and completely already, but the story of Joseph proves there are varying degrees of favour on life depending on how you handle/steward that which God has already given you!

Joseph carefully managed whatever was in his hands, and God saw to it then that he increased in influence and blessing as a result.

So what exactly did Joseph do that attracted the favour of God? Here are three of my thoughts:

1. He always said what God said, even when it was uncomfortably honest.

Right from the start of the story when he came out and told his brothers about his dream, he was sharing the word of God, even if it was crazy. When he was in the palace, he was the same – he interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams and prophesied about a season to come which didn’t make sense or seem reasonable in the season they were in – but Joseph was a faithful steward with the word from God and it ultimately saved a nation.

2. He served in the palace AND the pit! Yes, Joseph used his gift to minister/serve the top dogs, but he was also seen doing it in the pit / prison with the bread maker. He was faithful in the pit (the tough, unseen places), which gained him promotion, favour and influence in the palace.

3. He kept his heart soft. True to the nature of God and His desire for us to have healthy families, God brought Joseph’s brothers back to him for some relational restoration! Joseph could have easily been full of rage and revenge, but instead he was constantly weeping (tenderness of heart), and the Bible actually says that Joseph had compassion for them. I believe for God to use us, we must keep a soft, tender and forgiving heart!

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.