Fresh Hope – 26th January 2021

Christians can be the best at playing it safe. In an effort not to seem weird, or loopy, we often ‘stay in the boat’, so to speak.

Ironically, Jesus came in the exact opposite spirit and calls us to do the same.

The Bible tells us that, ‘faith without deeds is dead’ (James 2). In other words, believing that God can speak to you, that you can do as Jesus did, and that the word of God is truth, but not living it, is dead faith – also known as religion.

We need to create a culture in our communities where it is okay to ‘step out’ in God. Let’s get confident in praying for the sick, sharing an encouraging word with someone, or speaking out what God is saying and doing.

Here are three things to help create a culture of risk in your life:

1. Be okay with feedback. You wont find a workplace that doesn’t offer regular feedback on what is or isn’t working with your job performance. Nor will you find a professional athlete who isn’t receiving constant coaching and feedback. Christianity isn’t a performance, but let’s be a Christian community that knows how to give feedback well, but also receive it well! Be open to getting better!

2. Don’t get offended. Did you know that Jesus was never offended? The Bible says that Jesus was ‘meek’, meaning that He had power, but it was under control and properly focused. The Greek word translated could also refer to a horse that is broken and all the power it possesses is focused in a productive way! What a picture of how we should manage the inevitably offensive moments we will have in our life! Are we focused on what really matters and who we really are in those moments of offence? Do we use our power to keep silent and focused, or seek revenge and justification?

You living on the edge of offense will hinder your ability to take risks as you will always be ready to take the place of victim, instead of a champion!

3. Be okay with failure!
LEARN from your mistakes. I have never seen a baby go from crawling to running! A lot of falls happen before they get there! There should not be such high stakes in the Christian community around people who dare to take a risk. I am not saying make deliberately poor or sinful choices, I am saying, challenge yourselves to do something that is risky. Encourage others also when you see them taking a risk! Celebrate the fact that they had enough faith to action it and ‘step out the boat’! Also watch your response when people fail. Create a ‘safe place’ for people to fall, learn, and get back up again.

Emma Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.