Fresh Hope – 29th January 2021

Philippians 2 vs 9. “…and God gave Him the name (Jesus) that is a over every name, that at the name of Jesus, every knee should bow.”

A name is important. You think long and hard about the name you give to a child, if you’re like me you prayed over that decision also. Fortunately, my three children still like their names and all of them have a powerful meaning.

In Bible days, names were given that meant something.
Abraham – Father of many (the fulfilment of a promise)
Elisha – my God is salvation
Esther – star (and she was)
John – God is gracious

Names are not only important, they are powerful.

Go back to the verse we started with… JESUS has the name over every name.

What is your condition today? Cancer? – His name is over that.
What is your situation today? Lonely? – His name is over that.
What is your bank account like today? Broke? – His name is over that.
What is your life like today? A mess? – His name is over that.

You see, whatever powerful name is over your life today, whatever name you have been labelled with, HIS NAME is higher, greater and more powerful than all of those names.

Depression, fear, loser and unemployed may be strong names, but they are not as powerful as the name of Jesus.

What a beautiful name it is.
What a wonderful name it is.
What a powerful name it is.

His name has no rival, no equal – so however strong that name is over your life, it’s no match for His name.

Thank Him today that He can write a new name over your life

I love the name of Jesus!

Pastor Gillian

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