Fresh Hope – Day 14

2 nights ago, we drove the 15-mile journey to spend the evening celebrating Christmas with all of our leadership team.


As we were unfamiliar with the area, we came to a junction that stated that the road ahead was CLOSED.


Being a man, alongside being in a rush, coupled with the fact that it was Sunday evening so the sign probably didn’t apply, I continued the journey believing that I would be vindicated in being such a brave fella to risk the route.


As I settled back into my seat, filled with pride that I’d beaten the system, we came to an abrupt stop.


Yes, you’ve guessed it… after driving a mile, full steam ahead, the road was closed.


I suggested to Gillian that I could mount the pavement and dodge the barriers and the occasional street light, but after a sharp rebuke and a slap on the leg, I turned around a went all the way back.


Interestingly, instead of arriving at our destination early like we had planned, we actually arrived later than those that obeyed the warning signs.


Lesson learnt.


If you want to add time to your journey, simply ignore the warning signs.


Warning signs and diversions are placed in our lives for a very good reason. They seem like a hindrance at the time but actually, they are there to help.


Getting ahead in life will never happen if you choose the ‘I know best’ attitude. In fact, the longest distance between two points is a short cut.


A short cut around integrity will always lead to a very long road ahead. If you are ever given a choice between doing the lesser of two evils, choose neither. Always chose the higher path. Do what’s right.


In the Old Testament, the followers of God had just been released from Egypt, the land of slavery. Every one of the three million or more people were very anxious to get going to their land of freedom. At last, they would soon be there.


Surely the best way would be the quickest way?


God had a plan. Not the quickest way, but the best way… A way that would guarantee their safe arrival.


Exodus 13:17 “When Pharaoh let the people go, God did not lead them on the road through the Philistine country, though that was shorter. For God said, ‘If they face war, they might change their minds and return to Egypt.”


Ironically, the shortest way can often get you to a place too quickly. A place that’s ready and prepared for you, but you’re not ready and prepared for it.


What signs are in front of you today?


They come in many ways… through a friend, circumstances, a Bible verse, and of course, the still small voice of the Holy Spirit.


If you want to live a significant life, then don’t ignore the warning signs.


Pastor Mark


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