Fresh Hope – Day 20

We were trying to find the best battery operated flickering candles for a new stage set that we wanted to create for Christmas Eve this year. As a couple of my staff were sifting through literally 100’s of options on Amazon, I took a few minutes to look at the online reviews for a couple of the lights that had been shortlisted.


One of the most interesting reviews had got to come from a person that stated ‘Although I have not used my candles so far I believe that they are of good quality and I would definitely recommend’.


Are you thinking what I was thinking?


How can you write a review for something that you haven’t tried out for yourself? Yet how many of us today do exactly the same thing as we approach yet another Christmas…


We make a judgment on something we haven’t yet tried ourselves. We look at the Christmas presentation of Jesus, we admire his qualities and even positively believe him to be a good man… yet we never stop to think that the only way of knowing what Jesus is really like is to open the gift and not just judge the packaging.


For 20 years I looked at Stilton cheese with all its moldy veins and smelly sock aroma and turned away, flatly refusing to go near the stuff.


One day I decided to see what all the fuss was about and took a little morsel. Today my most favorite cheese has to be the strong and mature taste of Stilton.


When I’m asked nowadays, ‘Is there anything you don’t eat?’ I have just one response… olives. I hate olives. But then again… I’ve never tried one.


Psalm 34:8 ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good’


Don’t just judge the Christ of Christmas from the outside wrapper… open the gift of Christmas right now, by inviting Him into your life today. You will be totally amazed and will never look back.


The greatest Christmas is the one that happens in your heart.


Pastor Mark


A daily devotion for a better way of living.