Fresh Hope – Day 24 (Pastor Gillian)

‘If you’re going to do something, do it right’ is a motto I love and try to live by.


Why be half hearted about something? Give it ALL you’ve got.


I went to a pop concert once to see my friend Lionel Richie; I was horrified as to how many people kept walking in and out of the concert… I thought, ‘you’ve paid good money for this and yet you keep coming in and out? You’re missing so much. How rude.’


Last year my son treated me to tickets to see Robbie Williams. We were late getting there due to traffic and had to sit near the back. I found I was people watching, more than Robbie watching, and the amount of people who weren’t even bothered astounded me. I thought, ‘you chose to come here, you paid to come here, but you’re not entering in at all. How strange.’


We get like that in life. What you put in is what you’ll get out. When you fully apply yourself to something, it’s amazing what you’ll receive from that.


Ladies, you may have to force yourself to that fitness session, but you’ll feel great after. Men, you may have to force yourself to go Christmas shopping, but with the right attitude and heart, you’ll love it. What’s not to love about shopping?!


In Matthew 28:16-17, it talks about the disciples meeting with Jesus after the resurrection. It says that some worshipped and others held back because they weren’t sure.


Don’t start your weekend, don’t go to church, don’t even enter this Christmas season being unsure about God and worship. Throw yourself in… Totally.

It’s amazing what you’ll get out of it when you do.


Happy Saturday x


Pastor Gillian


A daily devotion for a better way of living.