Fresh Hope – New Years Day

One of the things that I’ve noticed in my own life with the passing of years is an appreciation for things that previously had gone unnoticed or least, taken for granted.


Driving through the countryside, I notice the colour of trees…


An appreciation for every day that I get to live on this Planet…


I’ve even started to listen to the ‘actual’ words of old favorite classic pop songs that I grew up on.


One of my favorites would have to be by the Bee Gees called ‘You should be dancing’.


The main part of the song in terms of lyrics has always sounded like complete gibberish to me, however on closer inspection, 30 years later, I can now sing the real words, which being deciphered are ‘what you doin’ on your back’.


Maybe this has come as a complete revelation to you as well.


Go on… sing it out loud. The words do fit if you try hard.


At the age of 14, I became the Church organist at the little Chapel that Champions Church grew out of.


For years I would play old-fashioned hymns that rarely meant anything to me as a teenager. I couldn’t understand the language, let alone have any meaning for my life.


Today, however, I’ve been recalling one of those ‘vintage’ songs and found it not only moving, but also perfect for the opening of 2015.


I know you may not know the tune, but I do hope that the words will become a great foundation for you as we launch into the gift of another beautiful year.


God holds the key of all unknown, and I am glad

If other hands should hold the key

Or if He trusted it to me, I might be sad.


What if tomorrow’s cares were here, without its rest?

I’d rather He unlocked the day, and, as the hours swing open, say,

My will is best.


I cannot read His future plans

But this I know

I have the smiling of His face

And all the refuge of His grace

While here below.

Enough; this covers all my wants

And so I rest

For what I cannot, He can see

And in His care I saved shall be

Forever blessed.


Joseph Parker 1830-1902


Happy New Year!


Pastor Mark


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