Fresh Hope – Day 38

I can still remember the cold winter nights huddled up in front of the coal fire when I was just a young boy.


My Dad would be out at the little church prayer meeting and my Mom would be at home unraveling an old jumper of mine that she had knitted a few years earlier.


You didn’t just throw stuff away in those days; times were hard, so instead she would unpick the stitching and use it all over again.


As the wool would start to unravel from the old jumper, she would wind it round my hands to keep it in an orderly fashion.


It wasn’t an option to go and shop for a new jumper, instead, we would spend an evening looking at colour pictures of new jumpers in a pattern book. When the new style was chosen my Mom would frantically knit for hours on end.


The night would eventually come when she would do the final sewing of the seams together and there it was, my old jumper now in a brand new style. The wool was the just the same, but everyone thought that I had a new sweater.


As we contemplate having a new mindset for this new year ahead, take a look again at this important verse from the New Testament…


Romans 12:2 ‘Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…’


We see the word ‘pattern’ and then we see the word ‘renew’.


The actual meaning of ‘renew’ is to ‘re-do’.


Just like my Mom unraveled the old and ‘re-did’ according to the new pattern… that’s exactly the picture.


Renew your old mindset by redoing your mind.


Instead of keep wearing that old sweater with all its old snags, pulls and holes… undo it and choose a new pattern.


The new pattern for living is found in the Bible.


Make a commitment to read a few verses from it each day and you’ll be amazed at the new look… a good place to start would be Matthew’s Gospel.


Pastor Mark


A daily devotion for a better way of living.