Fresh Hope – Day 130

Yesterday, we looked at GIANTS in our lives and how to identify them.

(It will help you to read it, before today’s) .

If you want the freedom to become all that God has called you to be, you will need to deal with the ‘Goliath’ in your life.

Here are some things that I trust will help you.

1. Don’t worry what your age is. God will give you everything you need to deal with that giant, whatever your age. David was young and inexperienced and look what he did!

2. He was bold. He wasn’t afraid, he knew that God would help him to deal with it.

3. He had faith.  He had faith in the God who’d helped him before in past situations, He wasn’t going to let him down now.

4. He went in his own anointing. Saul tried to offer him his armour…David didn’t want it. God has given you everything you need to deal with it.

5.  He stood up to the giant. He was not fazed by his size. He used his will and he used his voice.

Go, slay your giant today!  And God will be with you as He was with David.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.