Fresh Hope – Day 138

About once a week, my two sons take bags of rubbish into their school.

Bags of cardboard, packaging, plastic bottles & containers…the kind of things you would just throw away.

Picture this: not only are we walking to school with a school bag and lunch box in hand, but now two full carrier bags of rubbish…the joy of parenthood…?

The school use it for what is called ‘Junk Modelling’ – a fun creative concept for children, but which actually means for each parent: send a bag of rubbish to school, put it in the Modelling trunk and get a ‘spaceship’ back at the end of the day. (When I say Spaceship, you know what I mean: two boxes and two toilet roll tubes, taped together…rubbish remodelled?!).

It’s actually a great picture though of what God wants to do with our lives.

God is described as the Master craftsman & the Potter, creating something beautiful from a lump of clay.

Today, here is a challenge and an exciting prospect; don’t just throw away your lives because of the rubbish from your past, whether that’s last week or last year. ┬áDon’t give up on circumstances due to the amount of rubbish that has accumulated in your life. Simply take it to God, let it go and place into His modelling box, and see what God can create. Remember, just like my sons’ school, He will take as much as you can give.

The most amazing thing about all of this is that the school children take in bags of junk, but once it has been remodelled, all they see is a new creation – better than any toy or gift.

So today, make sure you see yourself through God’s eyes…He doesn’t see junk, but a brand new creation.

Adam Nash

A daily devotion for a better way of living.