Fresh Hope – Day 152

In 1 Kings 18, there’s a problem.
The problem was that there was no rain which resulted in a famine. This was in fact a crisis.

However, the man of God, Elijah, was convinced that God would send the rain.

What do you do before you receive what you’ve been promised?

What Elijah did was very powerful.

1) In verse 41, he DECLARED it. “I hear the sound of heavy rain.”

2) In verse 42, he PRAYED for it.

While Ahab went to eat and drink, Elijah was praying.

What God tells you in your spirit can often be more powerful than what you see with your eyes.

If what you’re believing for is not matching up with what you see right now, keep declaring and keep praying.

After seven times of sending his servant to check for a sign of rain, he finally came back with this report: “Elijah, I see a cloud as big as a man’s hand.”

It may have been small, but it contained the promised rain.

Today, I encourage you to keep declaring and keep praying on your promise and that this week you will see your cloud coming nearer.

God is faithful!

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.