Fresh Hope – Day 186

Let’s complete our aeroplane journey this week, with another great life lesson.


It takes us approximately 24 hrs to get to Australia. I get put off with that thought.  But if you want to go anywhere in life, you have to journey.  Journeys can be hard work and tiresome.
Remember how children always ask after 10 minutes, “are we there yet?”

Here’s a good tip…if you go on a long haul flight, break it down into sections. It’s not 24 hours, it’s 6 x 4 hours. Or, it’s not a 12 hour flight, it’s 4 x 3 hours. Somehow that helps.

If you think about the entire length, it won’t help you. It may seem too daunting and many people are put off going anywhere, because of journeying time.

So on a long journey, plan your time…
Settle and get organised/food/a film/read/write/sleep/pray…
Enjoy every moment and see it as an adventure.
Lots of people sit there and ENDURE it for 12 hours.
When you make the most of it, you’ll enjoy it, you’ll get to your destination quicker.

Take life piece by piece and organise your life in such a way that you enjoy every moment.

In life, don’t see the future or your goal as a hard slog ahead of you.
Don’t see how ‘far’ you are away from where you want to be.

“But I want to get there!” GOOD. But don’t forget to be happy now.

Many parents wish their children’s lives away.
“I’ll be happy when they can walk, when they can talk, go to nursery, go to school, drive, earn their own money and go to work.”
Before you know it, they’ve got married and gone.

We say things like, “I’ll be okay,  when I get to where I’m going.” People rarely get to where they’re going overnight, so what about now?

What about all the great things that are part of the journey, that you’re missing out on, because you’re so focused on the destination only? We all have to have a destination, otherwise we’d be wandering around aimlessly, but we have to enjoy the journey NOW.

One of my pet hates has to be “I can’t wait for my holiday in 17 weeks, only another 119 sleeps to go.”  Hello?! What about the 16 weeks and 6 days that God has planned for you in between?  You’ve almost just totally just dismissed that period of time, by wishing it away and looking forward to something that’s four months away.

It’s great to have something to look forward to, but remember that the journey will take time, but if you want to get to somewhere great, you have to go on one.
Make sure you enjoy it on the way to where you are going.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.