Fresh Hope – Day 202

Sometimes I recognise in myself that it’s time for a heart check up; not meaning my blood pump, I mean┬ámy real heart – the heart that is driving everything I do, and the reason why I do it.

I have to ask myself, ‘am I suffering from a shrivelled heart that’s started to grow tired and weak because of life taking its toll?’

One of the signs of a shrivelled heart is that you stop being kind and considerate to others.

When that colleague walks by you and doesn’t give you the time of day, how do you react?

When someone speaks harshly or rudely to you, how do you respond?

Everywhere you go nowadays, people are hurting and discouraged. They’ve made mistakes and their lives are in a mess.

They don’t need someone to harshly judge and criticise them but someone to show them God’s unconditional love.

Today, I’m renewing my desire to bring hope and healing to someone that I meet.

Everyone is looking for a friend, somebody who will take the time to listen to their story and genuinely care.

I want to be that person – will you join me?

Go and make someone’s day!

Pastor Mark

A daily devotion for a better way of living.