Fresh Hope – Day 204

This week, Gillian and myself have celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary.

Despite our busy lives, our love for each other has grown stronger and deeper over the years; that love has many times come as a result of going through difficult trials and intense pain along the way.

Anyone that is married knows only too well that tests, trials and pain are sometimes our best friends in disguise. It’s not until much later that we realise that they have helped to play a major part in who we are as a couple today.

I’ve had the privilege of leading many marriage preparation classes over the years and have always been transparent ┬áin sharing some of the ‘secrets’ of a blessed and happy marriage.

I can honestly say that Gillian is still my best friend today, and more than ever, I love spending time with her. She also loves spending…full stop.

Here are some of the things that I’d like to share with you today that may help you sustain a healthy and happy marriage.

1) You can never say ‘I love you’ too many times

2) Appreciation – even for small acts of kindness, have a huge impact on married life.

3) Share the chores…cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing are not beyond any of us. If you don’t know how, learn!

4) Saying ‘sorry’ is not always a feeling, it’s an action.

If you can’t feel your way into an action, then act your way into a feeling.

5) When you make a mistake, always take the higher road and humble yourself.

6) One surprise gesture is better than ten planned ones.

7) When you hurt your spouse, you are actually hurting yourself.

8) Those that pray together, stay together.

9) Never the let the sun go down on your anger.

10) If things are going from bad to worse, you are not alone – seek counsel from those that are ahead of you.

And finally…

11) The rut you’re in right now is not much different than the grave (apart from the depth) – get out of it before if swallows you up with boredom – give yourself permission to enjoy yourselves.

Pastor Mark

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