Fresh Hope – Day 207

I’ve been going to church all of my life, since I was a newborn baby, but I haven’t always been a Christian. I had to make a personal decision that I was going to give my life to Christ and follow Him.

Just because you sit in McDonald’s, doesn’t mean you’re a hamburger.

Just because you watch Wimbledon and enjoy it,  doesn’t mean you’re going to start playing yourself.

Just because you have an opinion on the way that the premier football manager runs the team, doesn’t mean you could do any better yourself.

Just because you comment on how slim someone looks, doesn’t mean you’re going to get slim yourself.

You see, going to church, watching people go to church, having an opinion and commenting on those that do go to church doesn’t make you the real deal; that will only happen when you invite Christ into your own life to be the leader and Lord.

So today, don’t just have an opinion or a belief, get yourself a relationship with the Living God.  He is only a prayer away.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.