Fresh Hope – Day 220

One of the greatest mistakes that we can make is to talk too much, when we should be listening.

For the last three days, I’ve had the privilege of spending time with one of my heroes, Pastor Tommy Barnett, known fondly as America’s favourite Pastor.

As well as leading a church of over 10,000 for much of his life (recently handing over to his son, Luke) he is also the founder of the Dream Center in LA.

As we’ve sat together, I’ve been very conscious that this was not my opportunity to talk, but my opportunity to listen.

I was very aware that the words that he has imparted to me, I may never have the opportunity to hear again.

Many people make the mistake of meeting with someone for advice, and then feel that it’s their big moment to off load everything that’s going on in their world, when really it’s their big opportunity to listen to the wise words of advice being given.

Getting the balance right between these two things is of utmost importance for your personal growth.

Over the years, I’ve taught that one of the simplest and yet most life enhancing questions that you and I could ever ask another person that you look up to, or even aspire to be like, is this one…‘Is there anything that you need to say to me?’

When that question comes from you, and you are willing to not only hear what is said, but also to take on board what is said, then you will be on the fast track to change and growth like no other.

Now, only ask the question if you’re willing to take on board the answer; and only ask the question if you’re serious about change and personal growth.

I’ve observed this…the people who have some serious character flaws don’t change, because they only ever talk about themselves and their problems, but rarely listen to what needs to be said.

Make a conscious decision to seek out wise counsel from those that are ahead of you, and determine to spend 75% of the time listening and just 25% talking.

Don’t waste your life talking about yourself, instead enlarge your life by listening.

Proverbs 20:19 ‘…avoid anyone who talks too much.’

Pastor Mark

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