Fresh Hope – Day 244

Recently, I attended a football match at the stadium of my home team, Wolverhampton Wanderers. (Don’t judge me). At this particular game, there was a celebration for the life of Sir Jack Hayward, a former Wolves owner.

Sir Jack became the owner and chairman of Wolves after buying the club in 1990 for £2.11 million. It is estimated that he spent well in excess of £70m of his personal finance on redeveloping the Molineux Stadium, writing off annual debts, and purchasing players for the club during the 17 years for which he was owner.

Having sold the club in 2007, Hayward remained the life president of Wolverhampton Wanderers and was later inducted into the club’s Hall of Fame.

By the time he retired as chairman at Wolves, Hayward was recognised as one of a select group of football benefactors who had spent huge fortunes of time and money on rescuing their hometown boyhood club from obscurity.

As I found myself in the stands at this particular game, I was moved when I saw a large, hanging picture of Sir Jack inside the stadium and beneath that, a quote that read, ‘Glad to have helped.’

In that moment, I was amazed at how someone who had given so much to build what they loved, was not quoting the amount of money they had given, or the countless hours they had put in, but they were simply happy to have helped…

When it comes to the end of my life, I want to be able to say those same four words. I don’t want it to be about how much money I gave, or about everything I sacrificed, I just want to have made a difference with my life. However that looks, however much it costs, I want my life to contribute to something greater than myself.

‘Happy to have helped’ is a quote that carries great humility, understanding that what I am a part of is greater than the part that I play, and I pray today that this is something that you would want to attach to your existence on this Earth.

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.