Fresh Hope – Day 257

London Community Gospel Choir, better known as LCGC, has sung at our church a number of times now and Bazil Meade, the founder and director, has become a friend over the years.

It was hardly surprising then on Saturday night that I was getting texts from people asking if we were watching The X Factor, as some of the choir along with Bazil were performing.

For anyone that saw it, I’m sure that like myself, you will have noticed something very special about what happened…

As the group of girls from the choir took to the stage and started to sing a well known pop song, the whole thing went flat to such a degree that Simon Cowell brought their performance to an abrupt halt.

One of the judges suggested that if they were a Gospel group then they would do much better coming back and doing something Gospel. Fair point.

With a sense of awkward disappointment they walked off, only to reappear with their heads held high, and what happened next almost took the roof off…they got into their own groove, simply sang a Gospel number and the whole place erupted.

Cameras panned around onto people’s faces that revealed wide open mouths, filled with amazement and pure delight.

On Saturday night, a huge lesson was learnt not just by LCGC but by us all…

Attempting to be popular by doing something that you were not created for is never going to win over others, but doing what you do best is going to have such a profound effect that people will not be able to contain themselves.

We should never be afraid or ashamed to stand on the stage of our lives and do what we were created to do and say what we feel we should say.

Sometimes the pressure to live as just another copy is only ever going to make you an echo and not a voice to a desperate generation looking for answers.

Saturday night proved to us all that the power of the Gospel is able to transform a dead performance into something so life-giving that anyone coming after would have a very difficult act to follow.

Don’t live your life attempting to blend in, in the hope that others will applaud you, but instead live to stand out – knowing that God will always give you a standing ovation if you will be willing to stand for Him.

Pastor Mark

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