Fresh Hope – Day 259

Many things in our lives are based on feelings.

Women in particular like to feel nice, feel loved, feel happy, feel blessed, feel confident. In fact, we all do.

We can base a whole day, week, year or even our lives solely on how we feel.

How many of us have made mistakes in our lives, because we’ve gone on those present feelings?

Just because you feel like it, doesn’t mean you should do it and just because you don’t feel like it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

For example… ‘I feel angry, so I’m going to lash out at someone.’ No, that’s not right.

‘I feel hurt, so I’m going to hurt back.’ No, that’s not right.

‘I feel unloved, so no one loves me.’ No, that’s not right.

OR…’I don’t feel like brushing my teeth, so I won’t.’ That’s not right.

‘I don’t feel like cleaning up after myself, so I won’t.’ That’s not right.

‘I don’t feel like going to Church, so I won’t.’ That’s not right.

As you can see, feelings can take you all over the place. Be careful.

When it comes to making big decisions, don’t go on feelings alone; you could marry the wrong person, take the wrong job and move to the wrong house.

Here are 3 good rules…

  1. God’s word e.g. ‘I feel like robbing the bank’…no, God’s word says don’t do that.
  2. A trusted friend. Ask them to help and advise you.
  3. Someone who has a great relationship with God, who maybe further down the road than you, like a Pastor or leader.

When we aren’t in a great relationship with God we can make very wrong choices.

Just because you may feel God doesn’t love you today, doesn’t mean that’s right, in fact He couldn’t love you any more.

Feelings are great. God created them.

Just don’t rely on them alone, as you are likely to regret it.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.