Fresh Hope – Day 292

No matter how much you think you know, you should always be willing to take another step of growth towards your destiny. 

Failing to put yourself into new possibilities can keep you from experiencing some of life’s richest adventures. 

Over 15 years ago now, I had the growing desire within me that I should go to Seattle. I had no idea where it was or how to get there, but I just knew that it was to be part of my destiny.

After 10 years had passed, I asked the Lord why I had not yet been to such a place. His answer simply stated that it was because I hadn’t made the plan to go. 

I’d been waiting for God to open the door and He’d been waiting for me to walk through it. 

Within 12 months, and with our three small children in tow, we boarded the 10 hour flight and arrived in North-West America, not knowing where we were staying or who with. 

All these years later, I can safely say that that one trip forged something in our hearts and has helped shape us, and our church, into something beyond what would have been possible if we had not gone with the leading that I had felt deep within me.

Today, we still have great friends in that part of the world; they have enriched and stretched our lives and we still remain in contact to this day. 

If we resist moving into new horizons, then we become like a plant that’s outgrown its container.

Have you ever noticed something when you remove such a plant from its pot? The roots only ever grow to the size of the environment that it’s in – they will only grow further when moved to a new environment. 

That happens with us too; if you feel that you need to be stretched, then make a plan to put yourself in a new environment with bigger people. 

As someone once said…”If you want to fly with the Eagles then you must stop messing around with the turkeys.”

Add someone to your life who is smarter, more knowledgable and wiser than you are.

Go somewhere that will stretch you in your field of work. 

Make friends with someone that you look up to and ask them if you could occasionally learn from their lives over a coffee.

With the right mentor, you will expand and grow faster than if you’d tried to go it alone. 

If you could ask a person just one question to help you grow, what would it be?

Write it down…and God will help you to ‘collide’ with such a person. 

Keep the growing going.  

Pastor Mark

A daily devotion for a better way of living.