Fresh Hope – Day 294

Yesterday, I wrote about how I was, at one time, bound by fear. 

Maybe, since then you have told fear where to go, but today it has come knocking at your door once again. 

I personally didn’t get set free in an instant, but God gently restored me back to life over a period of weeks.  

I know what that ‘knock’ sounds like, as it wants to invade your life and seize you in its grip once again. 

Let the words of this song help you today, as they have done for many thousands all over the world…

In my moments of fear, 

Through every pain, every tear, 

There’s a God who’s been faithful to me. 

When my strength was all gone, 

When my heart had no song, 

Still in love he’s proved faithful to me. 

Every word He’s promised is true, 

What I thought was impossible, I see my God do.

He is being faithful, faithful to me, 

Looking back, his love and mercy I see.

Though in my heart I have questioned ,

Even failed to believe, 

Yet He’s been faithful, faithful to me.

When my heart looked away,

The many times I could not pray,

Still my god, he was faithful to me. 

The days I spent so selfishly, 

Reaching out for what pleased me,

Even then God was faithful to me,

Every time I come back to him,

He is waiting with open arms, 

And I see you once again.

He’s been faithful, faithful to me…

Carole Cymbala – Director of Brooklyn Tabernacle choir.

Pastor Mark

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