Fresh Hope – Day 337

The other day (Monday) I talked about how we should be ready to welcome new seasons into our lives.

When God brings us into something new, we need to make sure that our heart and attitudes are right, so that we don’t miss it.

Here are 3 things to help you to be ready for that new season…

1. Have a faithful heart

When you are faithful in small things, God will entrust bigger things to you.
David in the Bible was doing ordinary small things, but he was doing them well, when God called him to be something greater.
He was just a shepherd boy, but a good one and God saw a King in Him.

Be faithful with what you are doing right now.

2. Have a willing heart.

When God called Esther to speak to the King and risk her life in doing so, she said she would, even if it meant her losing her life, because the outcome could mean that many would be saved because of her bravery.
And they were. She was ‘called for such a time as this’.

Be willing to do what God asks of you.

3. Have a worshipping heart.

The Bible tells us that David ‘was a man after God’s own heart’ . He was a worshipper. He delighted himself in God.

Be a worshipper, no matter what you’re going through.

Be  ready, be willing, be able.

Prayer – Dear Lord, whatever this new season holds, help me to be ready, help my heart and attitude to be right. Lord I am willing, please use me.

Now get ready for what God is going to do!

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.