Fresh Hope – Day 350

A couple of days after Christmas, I visited a local shopping centre.

Two days after all the turkey, all of the presents, all of the wrapping paper and gifts given, and in the midst of all the parties, the games and the dancing, people were taking a shopping break.

But for a few men, no one had been forced to go shopping, but strangely enough no one seemed happy to be there in the slightest.

I heard parents shouting, couples arguing, and people looking generally down in the dumps.

People were scrambling after items marked CLEARANCE – things they neither needed nor wanted, things that quite frankly no one should have normally considered as they had been trodden on, damaged, or heavily discounted for a reason and people were still queuing in crazy long lines to buy them.

I was saddened, but once again reminded, that people are constantly looking for something to fill the hole in their lives. There’s a constant need for ‘stuff’ to help find contentment.

What many sadly fail to realise is that the emptiness they feel can’t be filled with material things. The fun of the party is temporary, Santa Claus comes and goes, the food gets eaten, and the gifts given are quickly forgotten.

John 10v10 tells us that Jesus came…’so that they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.’

I’m thankful that I personally know that He is the only one who will ever truly satisfy, but let’s be people that don’t keep this good news to ourselves as Jesus is the only one who never fades, never goes out of fashion, and He doesn’t cost – He’s a free gift to all.

Esther Nash

A daily devotion for a better way of living.