Fresh Hope – Day 362

I love how God can speak to you through His word. You can read the Bible many times and each time you can receive something different from it.

Sometimes, the simplest of verses can bring us great truths.

In Genesis chapter 1 and verse 16, God is creating the Heavens and the Earth, it says that He made a great light for the day (the Sun) and a lesser light for the night (the moon).

I began to think about this: darkness and night time is natural, it’s all part of life, yet even in the dark times, God provides a great light.

That’s just like life; we all experience dark times. But just remember this: in the same way that He has provided the moon, He also provides light for your situations. God is always there, He will never leave you, and He will never forsake you.

The moon may not be as bright as the Sun, but it’s definitely there, and in the dark night sky it shines even brighter.

We sleep and rest during dark times naturally, so rest in your own darker experiences knowing that He has it covered.

Don’t ever think that God has left you. He hasn’t. In your dark times, He has provided everything you need to see your way through.

And remember this: the darkest time always comes before the dawn.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.