Fresh Hope – 13th February 2016

Faith says, “I believe that I have the money that I need,” even when it seems as though you can’t pay the bills.
Faith says, “I believe that my body is healed,” even when the doctor has a very negative report.
Faith says, “My children are obedient and faithful,” even when they’re acting up!
Faith says, “My marriage is getting stronger,” even when it looks as though you’re drifting farther apart.

When you’re standing in faith, you’re agreeing with what God’s Word says and with the words you prayed about a situation, even when it seems there is no change!

Stop advertising (making known and announcing) what is and start declaring what isn’t.

Stop advertising what is…

I’m sick.
I’m depressed.
I’m broke.
I’m lonely.
I’m sad.
I’m no good.
My life is full of bad things.
I’m a loser.
And start declaring what isn’t:

I’m healed
I’m feeling good.
I’m rich.
I’m surrounded by great friends.
I’m happy.
I’m gonna make it.
My life is surrounded by good things.
I’m a champion.
Speak out in faith today!
God loves faith.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.