Fresh Hope – 24th February 2016

This week we have been looking at worship. (Read Monday & Tuesday, if you need to catch up).

Worship is being thankful and it’s about saying, “I trust you.”

Worship sometimes can also be about saying “HELP!”

Because worshipping is not about me. It’s about understanding that the one I worship is greater than me.
He is ultimately the only one who can help me.
I give Him respect and I call on His name.

In the book of Jonah, we read that through his own disobedience, Jonah ended up in the belly of a fish.

In Chapter 2 verses 7-9, we read that Jonah was about to die, yet he chose to worship.

What would you do with your last breath? That’s a very important question.

His worship was ‘thank you’, it was “I trust you”, “I’m sorry”…but it was also “helpĀ me”.

If you know the story, you’ll know that God did. He gave Him a second chance to start again.

God wants to help you, He’s your Father.
But maybe He’s waiting to see how you use your words and how your heart is tuned.

Be a worshipper. It’s powerful.

Pastor Gillian

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