Fresh Hope – 26th February 2016

If I asked you ‘how you are today?’, I wonder what your reply would be?

The standard answer nowadays always seems to be…’busy thanks, how are you?

The reply comes back pretty much the same …’I’m busy too…really busy’.

The 21st century seems to have instilled into everyone a sense of failure or weakness if we are not constantly busy.

Being busy seems to be a way of hiding the real me. It’s a way of saying ‘I’m really needed’, ‘I’m important’, ‘I haven’t got a minute’, ‘I have a full diary’. ‘I’m successful’, ‘I’m indispensable.’

Is it possible that you are a busy fool? Or maybe you are pretending to be so busy in order that you don’t come across as unsuccessful or without a purpose in life?

One of the tensions in our house is trying to get my wife to sit down for a few minutes. Her standard reply is one of two things… “there’s too much to do” or “I feel guilty if I stop and sit down.”

My standard reply is always goes like this, ‘if you feel guilty about stopping, then you have a problem’.

Everyone of us needs to be guilt free, when it comes to making time to think.

Without thinking time, you lose your way in life.

Without thinking time, things get out of proportion.

Without thinking time, you lose perspective.

Without thinking time, you lose sight of God.

Without thinking time, you are prone to make wrong choices.

Dedicate a chair in your home as a ‘thinking chair’ and stop seeing that ceasing from work is wrong and start to see that thinking is a necessary form of work that helps keep our lives on track.

Thinking punctuates our lives and gives them greater meaning and effectiveness. Sit down today and allow yourself a little luxury thinking time.

Proverbs 23 v 7 ‘As a man thinks…so is he.’

…if you don’t, you won’t know where you are going.

Pastor Mark

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