Fresh Hope – 8th March 2016

We have a box full of light bulbs. What can I say about them?  They are all different shapes and sizes. They take up a lot of room.
They are fragile, easily broken and you have to handle them correctly.
We have a box full of batteries. They are not pretty or exciting and they look quite boring.

Both the light bulb and the battery are useless, unless they are connected to something. And when they are, they make that thing come alive. And we can’t do without them.

Each one of us is born with a plan and a purpose. We may not feel very pretty or exciting and you may have to be handled with care at times, but when you are connected to the right thing. You will come alive.

You are a ‘powerful invention’ – there is no one else like you.
You are unique and powerful and when connected to the right source, you will make that thing come alive too.

The right people, the right church, the right vision…
Whatever it is, get connected…you have a great part to play.
Get connected. You’re no use in a box.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.