Fresh Hope – 15th April 2016

I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase, ‘practice makes perfect’. I understand the logic behind this, as in theory, if you work at something for long enough, you should get better at it. However, I would like to suggest something different; practice¬†doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent.

For many years, I’ve been playing the drums. Now if I work on my technique daily, however, and I’m not doing so correctly, it won’t result in me having perfect technique. It will simply cause me to have a longer uphill struggle to correct my wrongdoings.

I wonder what kind of habits or patterns of lifestyle that you’ve been practicing that aren’t producing the right results in your life…

Maybe you’ve set yourself targets and goals, but in the process of trying to achieve them, you’re actually moving further from them as opposed to closer to them.

Today, can I encourage you to readdress things in your life, that you’ve been under the false impression are producing perfection, but instead are just creating permanence?

You can consider yourself faithful in your persistence, but are you fruitful in your results? Faithfulness without fruitfulness is meaningless. But combined, they’re powerful. Choose both today.

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.