Fresh Hope – 2nd May 2016

When Jesus rose from the dead, He not only broke out of the grave, but He conquered death and hell.

He defeated Satan, won our salvation and defeated everything that would ever come against us.

His resurrection took our bondage and smashed it.

What’s holding you down today? What’s holding you back today? What’s holding you captive today?
Jesus has paid the price for that.

The resurrected King has power to resurrect me.

Are your finances dwindling?
He can resurrect them.
Has your passion for life gone? He can resurrect it.
Does your situation seem hopeless and helpless?
He can resurrect hope.
Is your health dying?
He can resurrect it.
Is your marriage struggling?
He can resurrect it.
Are your relationships strained? Or your job and career on the way out?
He can resurrect them.

Nothing is over, ’til┬áHe says it’s over!

Claim His resurrection power over your situation today and see it restored, brought to life and rise up from the ashes.

Declare today: The resurrected King is resurrecting me.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.