Fresh Hope – 7th May 2016

You will never do anything great in life without a dream.
A dream is something that is far bigger than yourself.
All the ‘greats’ had a dream.
A dream to achieve, a dream to make life better, a dream to make a difference.

Nothing however, will ever happen if you only dream, there has to be a plan.
Start to plan how that dream is actually going to come to fruition.

Plan will lead to action. You can’t just sit back and wait for it to happen. If you want something to be different, you have to do something about it.
Too many people have dreams in their heads, but aren’t willing to do anything else.
Let your plan lead to action.

All through the process you have to believe.
Believe that your dream will become a reality.
Believe that God can use you and wants to use you.
Believe that God wants to help you and that He will make a way.

Cover all of the process with prayer.
Proverbs 16 v 3 says ‘When you commit your ways to the Lord, they will succeed.’

To accomplish great things you must not only DREAM, but ACT.
Not only PLAN, but BELIEVE .

Never underestimate someone with a PRAYER and a plan.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.