Fresh Hope – 21st May 2016

There’s an old but very true saying and it goes like this: let go and let God.
Life changes, times change, people change, fashions change, seasons change  -so our biggest challenge is to stay flexible.

We have to be willing to let go of something to embrace what is new.

I read an illustration about a ladyl who had a hot drink in her hand. She writes…”I’d made a very hot cup of tea and I was holding it in both hands, when through the door comes running my five year old nephew, heading right for me. I knew at that moment he wanted a big hug from his auntie. What I did in that split second was wise. I quickly gave up the tea in exchange for a hug. What I was hanging onto was not wrong, it was tea, but to experience what was coming I had to let it go.”

When you let go of what is in your hands, an exchange will take place…only when you let go will you get that exchange.

I can take UK currency to the USA but it won’t work. It’s only when I exchange my UK currency for USA currency that I can move on in my journey.
Some people hang on to relationships because they are too scared to let go. Don’t be with the wrong person when God has the right one for you. It’s only when you are willing to let go that you can experience God’s best for your life.

God has new opportunities to enlarge our lives, expand our vision and increase our influence.
We will never experience them if we are too scared to let go of the old.

Keep open to God today, listen to His voice and be ready to make that exchange.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.