Fresh Hope – 13th June 2016

There is power in prayer.
We receive not, because we ask not.
If we prayed as much as we worried about the need, then our need wouldn’t be a need anymore, it would probably be answered.

The Bible teaches us to keep on asking, it tells us to seek, it tells us to knock, it tells us to be persistent.

When you really want something, you will be persistent until you get it. You may not be your husband until you receive those new shoes.
When you fall in love with someone, you will be persistent in chasing their affection.
Why is it that we say we really want something or need something, and yet we pray very little about it?

As you start your day – or maybe you’re reading this at the latter part of it- pause, take a moment and pray again.

When you’re driving somewhere, pray – it’s like having a conversation with someone in the car. You wouldn’t sit in silence with someone in the passenger seat would you? So why don’t we use that time to talk to our Heavenly Father?

Every time a worry or concern enters your head, stop and pray about it, the Bible says to give your burdens to Jesus.

If you go to bed at night burdened by something, I challenge you to get out of bed for a few minutes, kneel down and give it to Jesus. Why go to bed burdened when you can give it to the one who cares for you?
He loves to hear you pray and He will always answer.

Tonight as a church, we come together to bring needs and requests before God, to believe for breakthroughs, to see mountains moved.
If there’s something that’s not getting answered, bring it before God together – there’s power when two or more agree on something.

Take time out of your day today to pray. In the same way that you take time to eat or drink a coffee, realise that your day and your life will be far better when you take time to pray.

Pastor Gillian

A daily devotion for a better way of living.