Fresh Hope – 28th June 2016

There will be times when you get ‘cold feet’ – in fact we all do.

Having ‘cold feet’ is usually a phrase relating to someone having second thoughts just before getting married, but to me, it can apply to anything that involves you stepping out into the realm of the unknown.

Feeling afraid is pretty normal when you have no idea as to how things will work out.

When God instructed the leaders of the Children of Israel about crossing the River Jordan, He first of all told them to stand still in the river, just at the edge.

In other words, the first people to get cold feet were those leading the way for everyone else.

Having cold feet doesn’t mean that you are a doubter or an unbeliever, it just means that you are the first to initiate things with no guarantee of success.

I’ve had many cold feet moments as I’ve led the church into new territory and broke new ground over the years. Cold feet will always cause you to ask questions like…’Have I done the right thing…?’ ‘Will anybody follow?’ ‘Will it work out okay?’ ‘Will God bless it?’

For the leaders standing ankle deep in the river that day, they would never know if the waters would part until they stepped deeper. In reality, the waters only parted when they ignored their cold feet and stepped out.

If you have cold feet about going forwards today, it is not a sign to go back, it’s a constant reminder that you are leading the way and breaking new ground.

Pastor Mark

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