Fresh Hope – 29th June 2016

As we’re now into the summer season (unless you live in England), me and my Dad have been playing table tennis in the garden quite often. Every time we go outside to play, both our dogs come and join us, sitting right underneath the table.

For the past several days, one of our dogs has been consistently jumping up the tree beside where we play and it became pretty evident that he knew something was in there, however we couldn’t find a thing…

As days went by, he would keep going to that same tree, hoping that we would be able to help him out, when eventually, we found what he had been looking for; the insides of an old football right in the thick of all the branches.

We then went and found a long pole that would help us reach the ball, however the dog grabbed hold of it and wouldn’t let it go. For at least a couple of minutes, we fought in an attempt to win back the very thing that we were trying to use to help him.

I thought to myself, I think that’s how God must feel sometimes when He tries to help us achieve what we can’t accomplish for ourselves. I imagine God thinks that we’re pretty cute trying to help him out, but at the same just wishes that we would move out of the way and allow Him to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves.

I want to encourage you with this simple thought today: Let Go and Let God.

By all means, play your part and do what you need to do, but ensure that you then step aside and let God do what only He can do.

You need to understand that God has an amazing plan for your life, and often the best thing that you can do is relinquish your control and allow God to take full control, and when you do that, you can watch His plan be fulfilled in your life.

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.