Fresh Hope – 19th July 2016

Every year at about this time, our garden just like everyone else’s, goes wild.

Trying to keep up with the growth spurts of everything coloured green, not least of all the weeds, demands our attention- that is unless you want to live in a jungle come September.

Personally, I like the trees and shrubs that just look nice all year round, but to be honest the most fruitful and colourful parts of any garden are those that need our care and attention.

Pruning in the right season, is not just so that a garden can be kept in good order, but so that more buds, more flowers, more fruit and more colour can be exhibited in the coming year.

Every year, I have to prune one particular hedgerow that we have in the back garden, otherwise it just steals the show from all the other trees, not to mention stealing the light because it grows so tall within weeks.

People are just like varieties of plants, trees, and shrubs in any average garden. Some take care of themselves and demand nothing from us, whereas others are forever needing us to take care of them, and if you don’t prune and cut them right back, they just take over.

Pruning seems pretty callous as you seemingly chop and cut the very life out of your trees and shrubs, whilst thinking that you may have just killed a very good and healthy thing.

In reality, that pruning was painful, but long term, that pruning will prove totally necessary.

Because you took the time and care to prune right back, it won’t be long before that tree will thank you by giving you much greater colour, beauty and fruitfulness than you could have ever imagined.

Do you need to do some pruning in your own life today?

Do you need to listen to some ‘pruning’ wisdom from someone?

Do you need to do some pruning on someone else’s life? That¬†usually means that you need to have a difficult conversation that you’ve been avoiding for quite a while.

Whichever the case may be, it will be painful in the short term but fruitful in the long term.

What kind of a garden do you want in your life and in your world? An out of control, overgrown and dark jungle, or a flourishing, fruitful and sunny place that you look at and feel a great sense of wellbeing?

Don’t put off today some much needed pruning and come next year, yours and other people’s lives will produce a totally different landscape.

Hebrews 12:11 No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.

Pastor Mark

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