Fresh Hope – 29th July 2016

Many people mistake leadership for titles, badges and positions…it’s not.

Leadership doesn’t look for neither a title or a badge. Instead, it looks for something that needs doing.

Leadership is spelt WORK.

Leadership is all about making a difference; it’s about influencing people or situations towards a better outcome.

Leadership is adding value.

It isn’t just about authority, it’s about being a carrier, a burden-bearer, a load-lightener.

Leadership is essentially nothing to do with age, gender or background.

Leadership is all about moving things forward, either on your own, or gathering people around you to help to make it happen.

Remember…if you think you are a leader, but no one is following you, then you are simply taking a walk.

If you feel called to be a leader, that’s a great thing, but first remember, leading anything or anyone is never a walk in the park.

1 Timothy 3 v 1
…anyone that sets their heart on being a leader, desires a good thing.

Pastor Mark

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