Fresh Hope – 10th August 2016

Ever worn those new shoes and regretted it as you reach for the plasters?

I did, just a week ago.

It took me three days to walk properly again. I could not even wear my well-worn shoes, trainers or slippers, as everything rubbed on my blisters.

‘Why didn’t I wear them in a little at a time?’, I asked myself, as I limped around the place

Wearing the wrong shoes can affect the way you walk, just in the same way that wearing the ‘wrong shoes’ of your gifts and talents can effect the way you walk every day.

Trying to copy someone else’s gift and talent, just because you like their gifts more than yours can mean that you have the wrong fitting shoes in your life. You’ll walk strange and end up not being able to walk properly at all.

My feet are healed again now, but it’s a lesson that I don’t want to have to repeat.

Ask yourself how much you are trying to step into someone else’s shoes that were never made for you; or what about the shoes that do belong to you, but you just simply bought the wrong size because you liked them, even though they never did quite fit.

Your life is on loan to you from God, and He has given you the perfect size gifts, talents, personality, looks and shape that compliment who you were made to be.

Stop trying on the wrong fit for you and stop trying to be something and somebody that you’re not…you’ll only end up wrecking your daily walk, whereas if you’d really just settle into what you have been blessed with, you’d accomplish so much more in your life.

Are you walking in the wrong shoes?

Take them off right now…ditch them once and for all, and enjoy the snug feel of being what you really were created to be.

By the way…when that old pair is worn out and starts to leak, you’ll know it’s time to upgrade your life to the next level.
Pastor Mark

A daily devotion for a better way of living.