Fresh Hope – 11th August 2016

I had porridge for breakfast today.

In fact, I have porridge for breakfast almost everyday.

My wife thinks it’s boring and has to be forced to eat it just once a week, and even then leaves half of it in bowl, which then gets fed to the dogs.

Now just to clarify, the porridge I’m talking about is not Ready Brek! This is real mans stuff…jumbo oats, cooked in a saucepan with milk, with added seeds, nuts and berries, then topped with flax seed and honey to give it a kind of crust.

Now here’s the great thing…because it’s a slow burn food it will feed me all day long, in so much that I rarely have to eat lunch, which in turn keeps me slim.

Let me ask you a question on several different levels – how hungry are you?

Your hunger will hugely depend on what you have eaten at the start of the day.

I hear many people say that they don’t have time for breakfast or that they just never bother; in our house, that’s a foreign language…in fact, last thing at night Gillian wants to know what we are going to have for breakfast!

I’m talking spiritual now; a you hungry spiritually?

Never satisfied with life, never full with everything you have no matter what?

Are you craving the quick fix of a sudden ‘sugar rush’ in your life, hoping that it will cure all your cravings only to find that it lasts for an hour before you want more?

Can I point you to the most satisfying spiritual food available to the human race every single moment of every day?

The breakfast of champions that will satisfy you there and then, and continue to nourish you throughout the day has a name…The Bible.

It is God’s spoken word direct to your soul every day. It’s fresh. It’s alive. It’s active. It’s powerful. It’s cleansing. It’s life changing. It’s sustaining. It’s challenging. It’s lifting and it has an amazing quality in that you can read it for the rest of your life and you will see something different in it every time your eyes meet its pages.

How’s your spiritual diet?

Overweight because you read books about the Bible and watch Christian TV about God and listen to podcasts about other peoples experiences of Jesus? That’s good but that’s not all.

When are you going to start feeding yourself a healthy spiritual breakfast at the start of every day?

Start to train yourself in the daily reading of God’s word and you will find that your day will become totally different.

I’ve tried to formulate a kind of ‘spiritual’ 3 course meal for people, and it goes something like this…

Starter – read a portion of the Old Testament each day.

Main course – read a portion of the New Testament each day.

Dessert – read from either Psalms or Proverbs each day.

My advice is not to read it randomly but to read it systematically – in other words, read it just like you would a book, that way you cover everything.

Get yourself a copy of a modern translation so that you can read it more effectively…and remember, the Bible is the only book in the world that when you read it, it’s greater effect is that you are allowing it to read you.

If you don’t have such a copy of the Bible then please email us at and we will gladly pop you a copy in the post.

Pastor Mark

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