Fresh Hope – 30th August 2016

If you’ve been wearing sunglasses over the past few days, you will know exactly what I’m talking about today.

No matter what glasses you chose to wear, whether Gucci, Prada or Tesco special, they may not carry the same trendy name tag, but they all do one thing – they colour and tint what you see.

For some brands it’s yellow, whilst others are more pink. Some are pretty clear with just a faint blue tinge, and then there’s those that make you look cool (some say) as they completely black out your eyes.

In much the same way, we each wear differing glasses on our minds, which affects the way we see and ultimately what we see.

I was walking into to Marks and Spencer just a few days ago and Gillian was commenting on how low the Euro had fallen against the pound, as she glanced at the LED currency board in the entrance.

For me, it was a totally different experience, as the very same board I was staring at was completely blank. I then realised that my sunglasses were masking the red LED lights, giving me the impression that there was nothing there.

The invisible glasses that you are wearing on your mind have the power to stop you seeing what others are seeing, but listen carefully, the ‘faith’ glasses that you can put on will enable you to see what no one else can see.

Why is that two people people can look at an identical situation, and one see impossibility, whilst another sees opportunity?

In the Old Testament (2 Kings 6) there is a story of Elisha and his young servant that were facing defeat as a whole army had surrounded the place where they were staying.

The young servant cried out to Elisha asking what on earth they could do, but Elisha looked out on the same army but saw something different; he looked up and saw a vast army of God coming to their aid, in order to defeat the enemy. Elisha simply prayed for the young servant…’open his eyes that he may see.’

You’ve heard the phrase…’beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’, but today why not make a small change and say…’victory is in the eye of the beholder’.

You can look at your day today and depending on your lenses, you can will either see defeat or victory.

If you are only ever used to seeing through negative, and defeated lenses then why not trade them in for something that helps you to see things through the eyes of faith and possibility?

Make a decision today, no matter what your negative upbringing, to start to see every difficulty as an opportunity for God to do a miracle.

Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’

Pastor Mark

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