Fresh Hope – 1st September 2016

Many times people have asked me is there is anything they can do in the everyday life of our church.

The answer has always been, and always will be just one word…PLENTY.

There’s always plenty to do.

However, the question back to them is always the same and goes like this…”so what are you willing and able to do?”

Being used and being usable are two different things.

When I was just a young boy, I developed a desire to play the piano.

I started bashing out a few chords on an old honky tonk piano that was given to my parents for me to practice on.

As I listened day after day to the brilliance of our school music teacher that played for the hymns in the assembly, I couldn’t wait to get home to sit at the piano┬áto try and copy the way she played.

I got totally consumed with every tune that we sang in the school hall, and set about learning each one from memory.

Day after day I would attempt to play each intricate part of the songs including key changes. I found the whole thing fascinating as at last I could achieve something in my young life.

I’m not sure how anyone got to know about my playing, but the day arrived when the music teacher was off sick and no one was sitting at the grand piano high up on the stage.

After a few exchanged words between the head teacher and another member of staff, my name got called out in front of all 400 pupils.

That day I was asked to play the grand piano, and instead of the highly talented Miss. Richards, it was Mark, aged 8.

I was able to be used on that and many other occasions, because I not only wanted to be used and useful, but it what it really came down to was this…was I useable.

Asking and wanting to be used would have been one thing, but also highly embarrassing if I wouldn’t have been useable.

I encourage you today to stop just praying…’Lord use me’, but change the prayer to…’Lord, make me useable’.

Start to prepare yourself for the passion that God has placed within your heart, so that when it comes to your turn to step up on the stage, you won’t have to face the embarrassment of not being ready.

Ecclesiastes 9:10 ‘Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might…’

Pastor Mark

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