Fresh Hope – 8th September 2016

It’s a new season!

As regular as clockwork, the first week in September is taking us into our beautiful Autumn season here in the UK.

As you hang out the washing in an attempt to keep the central heating off as long as possible, you realise that the Autumn dew is soaking through your slippers.

The chill in the air each morning is signalling to us all that its getting time to change your wardrobe and put on that long awaited vest, or in my case, the vest I’ve been wearing all through summer.

No matter how much you want to hang on to the warmer days and the light nights and warmer days, there’s no holding back the fresh new climate that’s coming our way.

Maybe this week you’ve joyfully or tearfully sent your children back to school; with¬†each new term, there comes the expense of buying the next size uniform.

In just the same way that we start to pack away our summer clothes and replace them with the ones more suited to the temperature, we have to be aware of the differing seasons in our spiritual lives as well.

The truth is that we each need to discern what to wear in each season of our lives, and not just feel that we only have one set and one size of clothes.

There comes a time in our walk with God, that we have to be willing to wear the bigger jacket.

It’s so easy, and so comfortable for that matter, to keep pulling out last year’s fashions, knitwear and styles in the hope that you can just slide straight back into business as usual.

My son Caleb, doesn’t have much money, but he’s always going through his wardrobes seeing what he can give away in order to make way for his new stuff as well as being a blessing to someone else.

In life, it’s so easy to keep wearing those old well worn things that in reality don’t fit or even suit where we are at anymore.

Is it time to embrace this new season in your life by getting rid of your out of date, restrictive thinking, by replacing it with a new mindset?

I well remember going back to school after the long summer holidays in my ‘next size up’ uniform.

My mom used to say every time I moaned about it being too big that “you’ll soon grow into it!”

She was right – I always did, and so will you.

Thinking bigger and behaving and believing like a winner may feel strange at first, but you’ll soon grow into it.

Wear the bigger jacket.

Pastor Mark

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