Fresh Hope – 13th September 2016

3 simple rules to live by:

1. Don’t live for what’s URGENT…live for what’s IMPORTANT.

If you live every day for what’s urgent, it will mean that you live chasing around after everyone else’s demands on your own life.

It’s amazing how quickly everyone else will fill your diary for you if you let them, leaving little or no space for the things that you need to accomplish with your life.

I’m not talking about living selfishly here, as in fact living for what’s important can be the most unselfish thing you ever do.

Make a choice today to take back control of your life, rather than allowing everyone else to live it for you.

There will be times when you have to drop everything and run to someone’s aid, but that should never be the everyday norm.

2. Don’t live for SUCCESS…live for SIGNIFICANCE.

Being successful should never be frowned upon, but it should never be the ultimate goal of our lives. Significance, on the other hand, should be something that we embrace at all times.

If success says ‘I’ve made it’, then significance says ‘I’ve changed it’.

Success is what you achieve for you, but significance is what you achieve for others.

If you desire success, then do so in order that you can live a significant life.

3. Don’t live to BLESS…live to BUILD.

At first glance, this seems wrong, considering that we all know how good it is to be a blessing, right?

However, too many people get caught up in what I call ‘Honey bee’ mentality, which is to go from one flower to another and leave no space in their¬†lives to build something that will last. A dear friend of mine that I looked up to many years ago, was totally consumed with this kind of living. There was never a day that went by where¬†he was going here, there and everywhere in order to bless someone or something.

At first glance, his life looked so appealing, but when it came to an abrupt end, he left the planet with his marriage and family in tatters and little to show for all the years of racing around. He had blessed so many at the expense of building so little.

Making these small increments of change in your life can be quite painful and will take time, but the rewards will be out of this world.

Pastor Mark

A daily devotion for a better way of living.