Fresh Hope – 15th September 2016

How many of us have been turned down for a job with the words ‘needs more experience’?

If you consider yourself to be a young person today, then those words will be some of the most frustrating words you will hear during this season of your life.

Time after time those well-meaning words will be spoken over you, carrying with them the sentiment that you are being told to wait your turn.

As I started out leading in my early 20s, I was disappointed to find that the ‘well seasoned’ older leaders around me, were actually none the wiser from getting older – in fact, they seemed to have learnt little from the passing of the years. Some behaved worse than small children, which led me to the conclusion that experience is not the best teacher after all.

I couldn’t understand why experience had helped a few, but the vast majority it had not.

If experience was supposedly the best teacher, then why wasn’t it working with the more experienced older people surrounding me?

The great leadership coach, John Maxwell, gave the answer: “experience teaches little, but evaluated experience teaches everything”, he said.

All of us gain experience throughout our lives, however, what we learn and evaluate from that experience is what changes everything.

I passed my driving test more than 35 years ago and therefore have bucket loads of experience. However, that does not make me a good driver.

I could well be a lousy driver, never having learnt from experience; in fact what I may have done, is simply repeat 35 times what I learnt in year one.

Be careful not to grow old with the thought that you are automatically gaining more experience than people younger than yourself, when in actual fact you are standing still and in many cases going backwards.

I encourage you to evaluate today what you are learning from the lessons of yesterday.

Growing old is automatic, growing up is optional.

Pastor Mark

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