Fresh Hope – 25th October 2016

Life can get pretty complicated.

Complex situations make up part of our every day existence.

There is no such thing as any easy life without problems.

Problems form part of who we are as human beings, trying to do life with others that have their own set of issues.

Trying to stay fresh in our spiritual lives takes great tenacity on our part at times, as it feels like we are being weighed down with the weight of the world on our shoulders.

The reality is that although our problems may seem insurmountable, they are no bigger than those of thousands of others going through very similar stuff all over the world right now.

The answer to our daily living has therefore got more to do with the way we see things, than it has to do with trying to avoid problems that keep coming our way.

In Luke chapter 8, Jesus is being asked by a man named Jairus, to go and heal his 12 year old daughter who is dying but as He’s on his way, He gets stopped in His tracks by a lady that has a 12 year old problem. She also has a condition that’s sapping the very life out of her.

Jesus heals the lady, but then hears in the mean time that the young girl has died. It’s too late. The moment for healing has been missed and the only thing left to do is plan for her funeral.

Talk about a complex day with no happy ending.

It is into this situation that Jesus speaks and shows us what uncomplicated faith looks like…

Luke 8:50 Hearing this, Jesus said to Jairus, ‘Don’t be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed.’

Today, Jesus still speaks to the complex issues of our lives with great simplicity and says to you…’don’t be afraid, only believe.’

With all of life’s complications that you may be facing right now, why not let Jesus unravel them all as He speaks those very same words of reassurance…

Don’t be afraid.

Only believe.

All will be well.

Pastor Mark

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