Fresh Hope – 29th October 2016

How many times has someone promised you something, and then not followed through with their promise?
How frustrating that is, and even hurtful at times.

A business can promise you something and never follow through. A company can promise you a certain service, yet never follow through with the goods. Even someone you know, or even love can promise you and never follow through with what they said they would.

Our ‘say’ and our ‘do’ should be the same. They should be identical. Which means, turn up and fulfil what you say or promise you will.
And if you can’t fulfil it, shut up!

Let’s be people who follow through on our word. It’s better to be honest and say no, than to let someone down.

The Bible says ‘let your yes be yes and your no be no.’

Promises and your word are important to God. They’re also important to other people.

People who follow through, have great reputations. How is yours today?

Pastor Gillian

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