Fresh Hope – 28th November 2016

If you’ve ever played the game of Monopoly before, you will have experienced the feelings of resentment when you find yourself being sent to jail. As you stand there, helpless, watching as your opponents get free run of the board, you’re looking for as much sympathy as you can get, especially if someone else has possession of the get out of jail free card.

However, the tables can so quickly turn, because the moment you get out of jail and somebody else finds themself in it, that same compassion that you were once looking for, you aren’t willing to give to anybody else.

That analogy, I believe, describes how we often live our lives. When we make mistakes, when we find ourselves in the ‘jail’ of life, we’re looking for help, sympathy and compassion. Yet the moment we find ourselves back on our feet, and feel as though we’re beginning to get things back in order, someone else finds themself in a struggle and the same help that we were looking for just moments ago, we aren’t interested in extending to them.

I want to challenge you today; don’t forget where you came from. Don’t forget that you once found yourself in a pit and God pulled you out of it, and that same forgiveness that He extended to you, He’s looking for you to extend to others.

God presented you with the get out of jail free card at no expense, yet it cost Him everything. Who are we therefore not to offer it to others time and time again?

Caleb Burchell

A daily devotion for a better way of living.