Fresh Hope – 8th December 2016

I was brought up in a church that was dowdy, dull and uninspiring, and into the bargain had no Christmas decorations to brighten the place.

We’ve changed all that over the years, so much so that everyone that comes to our church nowadays is wowed by how much time, energy and money is spent making it feel like a real place of warmth and vibrancy, especially at Christmas.

I’m sure your home is like ours in that there is always so much to do. Replacing or repairing broken things, cleaning and tidying things, painting and decorating things and then at this time of the year Gillian comes into her own as she pulls together a magical Christmas theme in every room. I just have to do the donkey work and make it happen. We so love Christmas that we even called our house ‘Christmas House’ – it’s a great talking point even in the summer.

We’ve always felt that whatever we do for our own home we should do equally and even more so for God’s house, the Church. It would be wrong to have the most amazing decorations at home if the church was still that dark, dowdy and cold place. The hard work that we put into our home in making it a welcoming place is nothing in comparison to the thought and time that we put into making Champions Church a home for all walks of life.

If you’ve never considered coming to church, or maybe you’ve been put off by something the last time you attended, then give it another go this Christmastime; you’ll not be disappointed this time round…it’s just like coming home.

For all our events over Christmas starting with ‘Champions Night of Carols’ this Friday – which includes our renowned ‘Christmas village’, then why not visit our website?

I look forward so much to welcoming you and your family this Christmastime.

Pastor Mark

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